Important things you need to know!



Shower no later than four hours prior to your appointment. Exfoliate with a washcloth to remove all dead Skin Cells. Be sure to rinse all shave cream off. Avoid using oily sugar or salt scrubs right before as well. Do not do a baking soda scrub within two days prior to your appointment; this can prevent your color from developing. Do not apply lotion or body oil day of your appointment. You may where a small amount of deodorant in the pit of your arm.



Bring or wear loose clothes and flip-flops. Anything tight will rub your tan off, this includes bras, yoga pants, jeans and socks. Some of my solutions have a cosmetic bronzer in it that may rub off while developing, dark clothes are best.



Leave your solution on for the time recommended. Generally 8 to 12 hours, 1 to 3 for rapid solutions. The cosmetic bronzer in some of my solutions may rub off on clothes and bedding but will washout. Use care when sitting on furniture and light colored upholstery. Lay a towel down if needed. Use a non-alkaline body wash. Avoid Ivory, dove, dial, antibacterial and bar soaps. They will fade your tan. Moisturize twice a day with a tan friendly lotion. Do not use anything with mineral oil and it. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to call or text me!


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