What factors can affect a spray tan?


➢ Anti-aging, smoothing, or skin renewal products can increase feeding and can cause blotchiness


➢ Alpha hydroxy acid can speed exfoliation and skin turnover.


➢ Beta hydroxy acid can increase feeding and can light a tan.


➢ Retain-A type products can increase dating and can cause blotchiness.


➢ Toners containing high amounts of alcohol or witch hazel can fade a tan (witch hazel extract is fine).


➢ Anti-acne Products can cost faster fading, peeling, and blotchiness period


➢ Any medication that affects the skin or skin health can also affect a tan.


➢ Make up remover cleaning preparations or oils can fade a tan.


➢ Bar soap, even moisturizing ones can be very harsh on the skin and a sunless tanning. Deodorant soaps should be avoided. Use a SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate) -  free body wash for a longer lasting  tan.


➢ Lotions containing mineral oil can cause rapid for poor fading.


➢ Do not use a rough wash implement for daily wash (loofahs, scrub mats or scrub gloves, etc.)  Gently use a soft washcloth or your hand.


➢ Adhesive tape, or products applied to the skin, can you pull the tan off (surgical tape, bandages, or pilaf facial strips).


➢ Hair removal procedures depilatory products Will Lightin tanned skin. Waxing will also fade or remove a tan. It’s recommended to wax the day before your spray tan.


➢ Shaving exfoliates the skin so clients should use a sharp razor with a lubricating product. Be sure not to use any with mineral oil. Dole shaving can increase fading or cost stripes.


➢ Body hair bleach products we’ll also bleach the underlying skin.


➢ Submersion in hot tubs, long hot baths, swimming pools (chlorine), fresh or salt water canned lighten a tan. Reapply a lotion after swimming and always pat dry after bathing for swimming; do not rub. Use mineral oil free sunscreen


➢ Women may “tan” differently during various hormonal changes (menstruation, pregnancy or breast-feeding).


➢ Oil skinned clients or oilskin areas (face, chest, neck, and upper back) can sometimes tan lighter than surrounding skin.


➢ Lower legs/shins often tan lighter; therefore, more products should be applied here.


➢ Insect repellent sprays and some perfumes, when sprayed it directly onto the skin, remove or fade a tan. Perfume can be applied behind ears and inside of wrist period


➢ Excessive sweating and rubbing can cause Tan too fade faster.


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